Iran nuclear talks to resume past deadline
10 июля 2015

Talks on Iran's controversial nuclear programme are to resume in Vienna, despite missing another deadline.

Britain, France, Russia, China, the US and Germany - the P5+1 - group were hoping a deal by 04:00 GMT to ensure a speedy review by the US Congress.

However, US Secretary of State John Kerry said America and other major powers were not in a rush. Iran also expressed a similar position.

The sides seek to curb Iran's programme in return for sanctions relief.

The pace at which sanctions will be lifted is a major issue at the negotiations.

The Friday morning deadline was set to meet the start a 30-day review period by the US Congress.

But now America's lawmakers will have 60 days to examine any document, which will delay the lifting of US sanctions.

The West suspects Iran of trying to build nuclear weapons. Tehran says its programme is solely for peaceful purposes.