Chapter I. 

Odesa region is a unique land. It combines ancient history, natural resources, diligence and openness of the people of different nationalities who live here. They find common language and solve complicated problems.

During my entire career – while being a businessman, a politician, and a statesman – ­I have always been looking for the decisions acceptable for all parties.

But the fact that the necessity of practical actions has been regularly replaced with pure populism and political scandals has shown that other methods are required. That is why I am here, in the electoral district №140. I want to overcome the negative experience of indifference and inaction in our country.

I am gland to present you the program of the priority steps I will take if I earn your confidence at the elections. This is only the beginning of a long and complicated way which I believe we will walk together.

Chapter II.

My political stance

Everyone sees politics in his own way. For some people, it is struggle and hate. But for me it is looking for the ways to unite people and to solve real problems, not artificial ones. That is why the result is important for me – not idle talks.

I have experienced both mistakes and achievements. But the time of shocks and secessions has been left in the past. There was a time to scatter stones and it is a time to gather them. All those who can do the real work should unite. That is why I support the team of the professionals.

Restoration of the direct connection between the voters and the authorities is the right decision that will be useful for people. A people’s deputy is authorized to solve the issues of his electoral district within his powers. At the same time, he has to “build the bridges” of mutual understanding and trust, as several deputies of one region will represent the people’s interests more effectively.

Chapter III.

Evaluation of the district’s problems

I know the problems of the region that require solving first of all. They are: bad roads, dilapidation of the water supply systems and sewage, unemployment, old infrastructure – schools, kindergartens, hospitals, social services, etc. My success in business and politics has given me an ability to help people today. But I am not going to promise you the moon. As an economist, I will concentrate on the programs aimed at development of Biliaivka and Ovidiopol districts, as well as the cities of Illichivsk and Teplodar. Their potentials are very important for development of the economy in the region and in the whole country. 

Being a good manager, I have always been serving the people of Ukraine. Now I have defined the priorities for my future work. I am convinced that the voters of the electoral district # 140 will give me the right to represent their interests in the Verkhovna Rada, and my first steps will be aimed at effective development of the region.

Chapter IV. 

Priority tasks: development of local governance

Realization of any project requires resources. But local budgets are always empty as the very principle of their filling is wrong: all the funds are sent to the center and only small part of them is returned back to the localities. Odesa region has all the rights to use the earned funds on its own. That is why I will initiate introducing changes to the Constitution: local communities have to receive the maximum authorities and financial resources.

Convenience and accessibility are the essence of self-governance. People decide on their own what should be built, where, and how – should it be a school or a hospital, a new road or a water supply system, electricity transmission line or a sewerage. High-quality services must be as close to the people in villages, towns, or neighborhoods as possible. That is why I have been supporting the People’s Budget program – it shows that local governance can work very effectively.

Chapter V. 

Priority tasks: creation of modern transport infrastructure

The district where many roads lie needs a well-developed transport system. The roads to Izmail and Chisinau, all the regional roads have to undergo complete overhaul as well as the Odesa International Airport.

These steps will attract more tourists and investors, they will increase the cargo traffic and, as a result, will provide the inhabitants of the district with jobs.

In order to provide convenient means of transport, I will initiate (together with the transport companies and regional authorities) reconsideration of the schedule of suburban buses and electrical trains and augmentation of rolling stock.

The special attention will be paid to improvement of the Ukrainian legislation for effective development of ports and the transit potential of the region.

Chapter VI.

Priority tasks: quality healthcare

There are many problems in the sphere of healthcare too. Low salaries of medical staff have forced people to look for jobs in large cities, while the medical institutions in the districts are experiencing serious lack of personnel and technical equipment. As a result, the health of people has worsened.

But prevention of illnesses is much easier than their treatment. That is why I support the People’s Medical Examination project. Its positive results have shown that this way is the right one. Regular medical examination of inhabitants, especially in countryside, is an effective method for preventing many diseases. All the district hospitals and feldsher-midwife stations have to be provided with modern technical equipment and medications. I will exert every effort to provide all the medical institutions with cars. Special attention has to be paid to fight against drug addiction and alcoholism.

Chapter VII.

Priority tasks: development of the agroindustrial complex and support of the agricultural sector

Agriculture is one of the main treasures of Odesa region and all our country. We just have to use it right. That is why the agroindustrial enterprises need the state support more than ever. They need modern equipment, technologies provided on a leasing basis, credits at preferential rates. The government has to guarantee fair purchase prices for agricultural products.  I will initiate tax holidays for food producers.

I am against thoughtless start of land sale. It can be started only after wide public discussion, creation of universal land cadastre and after the distribution of the government’s acts. Those who work the land should own it.

Ukraine has all the chances to become the breadbasket of Europe and the world, and Odesa region with its ancient traditions of gardening and olericulture can become a leading producer.

Chapter VIII.

Priority tasks: development of tourism and restoration of water supply

Odesa region has a reach potential in the spheres of tourism and recreation, it just has to be fulfilled in a right way. Soft climate, friendly and open people, natural diversity, and ancient historical monuments are undeniable advantages for development of tourism. Ovidiopol and Biliaivka have every chance to become the international recreational zones as they are the treasures of Odesa region.

But this requires an important step – the Drinking Water of Ukraine state program, aimed at modernization of water supply systems, has to be restored. I will make quality drinking water accessible for every person, no matter whether this person lives in a city or in a village.  Only after that the development of the region’s tourist potential, and as a result – creation of new jobs, becomes possible.

Chapter IX.

Priority tasks: extensive social protection

Comfort and development of every person and the society in general depend on the quality of protection of the person’s rights and the possibility to live a decent life. Mutual support and cooperation have to become a universal standard of behaviour.

That is why I support introduction of the modern system of social protection that corresponds to the European standards. It is aimed at helping those who really need it: veterans, physically and mentally challenged people, Chernobyl cleanup veterans, families with multiple children, and mothers who bring up disabled children.

Special attention has to be paid to the pensioners – those who participated in renovation of the country after the war.  The minimal pension has to be considerably larger than the minimal wage, leveling in the sphere of pensions has to be abolished, as well the VIP pensions for the functionaries.

Chapter X.

Priority tasks: transparent and fair rules for economy

Economic prosperity of a country strongly depends on stable and transparent conditions for business. High taxes, forcible takeovers of enterprices, and ungrounded inspections must not suppress small and medium-sized businesses as they can take the country out of crisis. 

I will initiate establishment of a counselling centre for the businessmen of the region. Transparent rules for business will provide creation of new jobs that are so necessary in the region. 

Attraction of investments to the region is a first priority of the deputy who represents the region. We have to focus on the strategic areas of the region’s development – agriculture, transport and recreational potential of the region. These areas have a high economic value, they also give the citizens good opportunities for employment.  That is why their development will become the beginning of the region’s revival.

Chapter XI.

Priority tasks: clean environment and cultural development

Successful development of Odesa region and people’s security are impossible without solving ecological problems. The priority tasks are: pollution abatement in the Baraboi River and in the other reservoirs, security of the storages of toxic chemicals, solving the problems concerning waste processing and uncontrolled garbage dumps, and others.

Odesa region is a native land of many prominent people. This positive tradition has to be developed. That is why I am going to aim my efforts at restoration of the system of community clubs, theatres, recreation camps for children, and sports grounds. I will pay special attention to renovation of churches as monuments of architecture and centers of spiritual life.

It is necessary to invest in future. That is why I will initiate the program of education support: construction of kindergartens and schools will be completed; gifted schoolchildren and students will receive grants. 

Chapter XII.

Personal initiatives: The Power of Good Deeds

The work of an SMD MP is evaluated on the basis of his concrete deeds. Thus, my personal initiatives are the following: 

  1. Standing community liaison offices in Ovidiopol, Teplodar, Biliaivka and Illichivsk. Every suggestion or complaint will be considered within 10 working days. 
  2. Public assistant to deputy. He will be in charge for collecting information concerning problems, adequate help to senior citizens and disabled persons, rendering his assistance in coping with natural disasters, etc.
  3. Targeted programs on development of every village and town that will be created together with the local people and the authorities for the next five years. 

Chapter XIII.

Odesa region is unique due to its location and wealth, first of all – the outstanding, cheery and hard-working people. But there is a lot of work ahead in all the spheres. I am convinced that every problem has a solution. But it is possible only with people’s support, their direct participation and advice. So let us unite our efforts for the power of good deeds! Together we can achieve concrete results for every village and town.

Positive result is important for me; that is why my team works in close connection with the representatives of authority, of local governments, and of the community. Our common efforts are the only way to revive the country.

Ukraineis our common Motherland, and Odesa region is our Home. Its prosperity and development are all in our hands. The power of good deeds is in mutual support and cooperation!