Election program
of candidate for membership in Ukrainian parliament
Zhvaniya David Vazhaievych

On Maidans nationwide the Ukrainian people paid off with the lives of Heavenly Hundred heroes for their Freedom and European choice.

Annexed Crimea and Putin's aggression in the Donbas have issued new challenges to Ukrainians. Because of treason, unprofessionalism, negligence, Ukraine is now paying off with the lives of its best sons in the "ATO area". At the same time, people have become wiser and learned to take right decisions. It was revealed to the whole world by a one-round balloting for President Petro Poroshenko who kept his promise and dissolved the bankrupt parliament so that the people could on their own elect a person to entrust the power to in the crucial period for Ukraine.


The first thing the country needs now is peace in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. To achieve it, we should make use of diplomatic and military leverages to the fullest degree. We need a systematic mobilization of all lobbyists of Ukraine on the international stage, from individuals to entire national governments and international structures. After the war, for the global community we have to develop and obtain our own Marshall Plan of the 21st century which will fund not only the destroyed infrastructure in the war zone but also essential reforms, economy and national security.

Having an imperial neighbor with a volatile craving, we shall build a strong army that is up to high "NATO" standards; we shall construct near-border fortifications using prominent Israeli experience in all potentially dangerous areas, in particular, in Odesa region bordering on the unacknowledged Transdnistria; we shall provide and implement logistics for deploying the Black Sea Fleet in Odesa region for the time period of the occupation of Crimea.


Order is the handy infrastructure, high-quality roads, illuminated streets, a comfortable schedule of public transport, an access to information technologies and the main thing – the financial capability of the Community to watch over this and to invest their funds in the development of their city, town, village, settlement. To do this, we must decentralize the power to the fullest extent. Only after this will the local authorities obtain a broad range of powers and what is the most important – an access to real funds for those will be left where they have been earned.

The core of self-government lies in the ability to rely on your own efforts. In line with this principle, people will now be able to independently decide on how to set up living conditions in their community. If it becomes necessary to build a new hospital and purchase up-to-date medical equipment for it, Communities will no longer humiliatingly ask alms "from above" for years, but they will be able to settle this issue by their own efforts in the shortest space of time.

Odesa region is "gasping" without a local self-government reform. There is just one way out – Odesa region should start independently administering its earned funds. Only this way can we restore strength and historical grandeur of this land. In my view, this is the real Order.


Our society will not be able to be happy until the wounds we have got in the war are healed. We shall take care of and support a family of every fallen soldier; not a single wounded Ukrainian warrior, his parents, wife and children will be left without our attention; we shall remember and render support to all those innocent wounded and killed Ukrainians in the war zone.

It will be so for we are Europeans and we do not bury our soldiers as villains. The warriors, who have survived in the hell of ATO, will be granted the greatest possible support from the state and respect for them and their families from the society.

At the same time, prosperity of Odesa region is the sound market rivalry of goods and services; turning Odesa region into a tourist "paradise"; supporting agribusiness, constructing up-to-date highways to extend transit capacity; making sure that district hospitals have doctors, equipment, medicaments, vehicles; and the main thing is a local self-government reform.

Ukraine is our common homeland and Odesa region is our own home. We are full of vim, inspiration and vigor to create future with our own hands. We deserve Peace, Order and Prosperity.