Under the new law on election of the people’s deputies, adopted in November 2011, the Parliamentary elections will be conducted on the basis of the mixed (majoritarian-proportional) system: 225 people’s deputies will be elected via party lists, and 225 – in the single-member districts on the basis of the system of relative majority.

The resolution of the Central Election Commission of April 28, 2012 has created 225 single-member electoral districts. 

The electoral district #140 includes the cities of Illichivsk and Teplodar, Ovidiopol district and a part of Biliaivka district. The town of Biliaivka is the center of the electoral district. The number of voters is 178320.

The electoral district contains 108 polling stations: #510224-510229, 510231-510236, 510239, 510240, 510244, 510245, 510247-510251, 510253-510256, 510258-510262, 510266, 510267, 510270-510275, 510278-510282.