BBC 13:15, March 11, 2015
Nemtsov murder: Zaur Dadayev confession 'forced'

One of two suspects charged with the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, Zaur Dadayev, confessed under duress, a member of Russia's Human Rights Council says.

Andrei Babushkin, who visited Mr Dadayev on Tuesday, says he saw "numerous wounds" on his body, suggesting he had been tortured.

The suspect himself said he was tied up for two days with a bag over his head.

He says he only confessed so a friend arrested with him would be freed.

"There are reasons to believe Zaur Dadayev confessed under torture," Mr Babushkin said. He called for "people not involved in the investigation" to look into the claim.

Mr Babushkin was speaking after a delegation visited Mr Dadayev and the second man charged Mr Nemtsov's murder, Shagid Gubashev, in prison in Moscow.

Mr Dadayev showed the visitors marks from handcuffs and ropes he had around his legs after his capture in Ingushetia on Saturday.

He said he planned to tell a court hearing on Sunday why he had confessed but was never given a chance to speak.

Mr Gubashev continues to maintain his innocence. He said he was in Chechnya when he learned that his cousin, Mr Dadayev, had been detained in neighbouring Ingushetia.

He said he immediately travelled there and was detained as soon as he arrived. It would not have made sense for him to go to Ingushetia if he were connected to the crime, he added.

He said he was beaten and had a bag pulled over his head which was only taken off after arriving in Moscow.

Mr Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister and veteran liberal politician, was shot in the back as he was walking with his girlfriend within sight of the Kremlin on 27 February.

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