09:45, September 27, 2014
Nowadays Ukraine has got unique chance to implement reforms – Zhvaniya

Nowadays Ukraine has got a unique chance to implement reforms. Finally, both the authorities and the society are ready for this. Head of the VR Committee on State Building and Local Self-Government David Zhvaniya said this on Shuster Live TV show, his press service reported.

"Unfortunately, after the Orange Revolution we did not use the opportunity to follow the way of reforms. Due to unwillingness of the authorities, we have lost over 10 years for country's development," Mr Zhvaniya believes.

"All were not prepared: politicians, political elites, the society. They did not support the European integration, Ukraine's joining Nato. Moreover, neither the European Union nor the USA was ready," he pointed out.

According to Mr Zhvaniya, everything is the other way around now – everyone is prepared. "Ukraine has an opportunity to obtain complete independence and become an EU member," the politician stressed.

At that, the Head of the Committee called on all political forces to unite around a common goal for the country. "Never more shall we have such a unique chance," he pointed out.

While answering a question on the adoption of Law "On power purification", Mr Zhvaniya stressed the necessity to adjust some provisions of the document. "If it enters into force, and high-ranking officials, who come within its purview, are able to challenge a decision on their 'lustration' in the European Court, this law will not be worth a brass farthing," the politician underlined.

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"Today Ukraine has an opportunity to obtain complete independence and become an EU member. Never more shall we have such a unique chance," David Zhvaniya said on Shuster Live TV show.