13:42, October 30, 2012
David Zhvaniya: Grateful to everyone for support

Dear friends!

I am grateful to everyone of you who participated in the elections on October 28 and gave his vote for the new parliament, own future, and future of our children. There is a lot of work to do for us. But we know the direction to follow and the tasks to solve first of all.

During last few months, I have paid numerous visits to cities and villages of Biliaivka and Ovidiopol districts, to Illichivsk and Teplodar cities. Hundreds of meetings with thousands of people – doctors, teachers, agriculture and wine industry workers, librarians etc. I am grateful to everyone of you for your support and advice. Together we are a strong team. And I know that the team has many new victories and achievements ahead!

Congratulations on our common victory!


David Zhvaniya