23:37, October 26, 2012
Zhvaniya has celebrated anniversary of Hradenytsi

David Zhvaniya, MP candidate of the electoral district #140 and people’s deputy of Ukraine, has participated in a solemn celebration of the 222-nd anniversary of Hradenytsi village, the MP’s press service reports.

“Having visited all the localities of the district and talked to the voters, I have come to the conclusion that we are a team that is capable of concentrating on the result,” Zhvaniya said while addressing to the citizens of Hradenytsi.

The people’s deputy passed office machines and equipment to the local school and the ambulance station. He has also handed new sports uniforms and balls to the local football team.

Antonina Cherpakova, village head, expressed her appreciation to David Zhvaniya for keeping his word and providing the road patching. She also thanked the MP for the playground, the books for the school library and for the school bus.

The famous “Pisniary” music band, people's artist of Moldova Ion Suruchanu, and other performers also came to congratulate the citizens of the village.

Village head Antonina Cherpakova

Maryna Zinchenko, people’s deputy of Odesa regional council

Photos by Volodymyr Strumkovskyi