12:51, October 27, 2012
David Zhvaniya urges to define the parliament's destiny

The MP in force and the MP candidate of the electoral district #140, David Zhvaniya, urges people to participate in the elections and define the parliament's destiny. That is declared in his statement, the press service reports.

"This day, we choose a course defining our state's development. I ask you to think over your choice and come to your polling stations. I ask to elect the people whose principles and professionalism are unquestionable for you!" the statement reads.

David Zhvaniya stressed that Odesa region should have proper representatives in the parliament. "This region has huge prospects, strong managers, sincere partiots, and kind people! I have become convinced in this while working with you, while visiting villages and towns. We have much work to be done! Having united our efforts at the legislative and local levels, we will achive the results aimed!" assures the MP in his statement.